Tuesday, March 15, 2011

3-15-11 "Tragedy Befalls on the Strong Will."

    Hello everyone, we would like to say that we are sorry we have not been able to update. Unfortunately, we can not give you any progress going on for the Visual Novel besides the Storyboard and Script is well on its final editing and all. All we have now is the character design final photos and stuff along those lines. However, it seems that Brie's scanner has been running through a few problems. This will delay the project from further development for a little while.

    In more important news, as everyone knows. Most of the eastern part of Japan has been flooded from the major 8.9 (9.0) earthquake that has happened. Which caused a very large Tsunami which has injured and killed thousands. This is a very unfortunate and tragic event that has happened. And our hearts all go out to the survivors. Stay strong! ...

    That is all for the Blog, we will update as soon as we have more progress in future.

    To donate towards the Japan Relief fund, please use THIS link.


Friday, February 25, 2011

2/25/2011 - "Killing Two Birds With One Stone."

    Hello everyone once again for another Blog update! Well, we have come down to conclusion that we are going to go for the kill two birds with one stone technique. We are going to write the script and program at the same time. While this is a good way to kill some time while getting our project finish. We still have to await the final character designs from Brie, which will still take some time as I stated in the last Blog.

    But with that aside, this is great news so that we can start this projects as soon as possible. Which also puts me to say that the next Blog will not be up for a while. Still thinking of a name for the project, we still are uncertain.  But in the next Blog, we will introduce the game name and maybe a little snip-it from the project. Also I can't guarantee this one, but if we do get the character designs in by the next month possibly, we will also post the characters and details about them.

    We also have been negotiating on to release a trial version for you guys. Possibly have the whole Prologue be played until we finish the final project in the future. Once again, if you are interested in this project going on, please feel free to follow this Blog for future updates! Kudos everyone!


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

2/22/2011 - "Let Us Form The Head."

    Hello everyone once again for another update. Great news! It seems like Michael has jotted down the last bit of the Storyboard. With that said, it means that the story is basically done and the script will be in the writing process next week! ... The script will be implied into the programming at around the same time as well to keep time restraints.

    Well that is all I wanted to state in this Blog. Since the Storyboard is done, I don't expect to post another Blog until we start the writing process of the script and programming. Remember to follow us for updates and such! Kudos everyone!


Saturday, February 19, 2011

2/19/2011 - "A Story Coming To A Close."

    Hello again everyone! Another development Blog. So it seems like the writer is coming to a close in the Storyboard of the project. Since it is the weekend, don't expect much to be done during the weekend. But it is quite possible that the Storyboard will be finished by next weekend. I am saying it is a probability at the moment. I can't be 100% sure.

    And as Michael stated, he will be working on the script with Chad shortly after the Storyboard is done. And now that it is at near completion, it is easy to say the script process will begin early March.

    This is another short Blog, but it is to get right to the point without all the boring details. ^.^ ... Once again everyone, if you are interested in the project, please feel free to follow this Blog! Kudos again everyone and we will be back for an update again shortly.


Thursday, February 17, 2011

2/17/2011 - " All That Is Human Must Retrograde, If It Does Not Advance."

    Hello again for another progression Blog. I would like to state how the writer is back on duty again after a two day break. He will be working hard on it for the week until the weekend. The Storyboard will be completed sometime soon in late February of early March.

    Also in other news, after a little problem the writer went through. He injured his shoulder pretty bad again. (This isn't the first time he has done it.) But he will still work hard on the project non the least and progress forth with the story. Michael also states that when the Storyboard is done, he is going to collaborate with Chad and start working on the Script as soon as possible.

    Well that is all I am going to update now since my back is still in pain. (This is Michael who is posting.) So I am going to get some rest and relax my back. I will be back for more updates in the future! Kudos everyone!


Monday, February 14, 2011

2/14/2011 - "One Eye Sees, The Other Feels."

    Hello everyone again for another update Blog. As you probably know, the writers are on break until Wednesday. But that doesn't mean we have someone who is working hard on the Character Designs. Brie, our Character Design artist, has been working pretty hard on the rough drafts for the Character Designs. Unfortunately, we won't be able to give out information on the character designs until they are done in full form.

    In other news; Chad, our other developer, has come back from vacation. Which puts us in the process to work on the project a lot faster now. Since the Storyboard still has a little more to go before it is at 100% completion, we will be starting the script shortly after this. Chad and Michael will be brainstorming the script shortly after the Storyboard is in completion.

    Well keeping this nice and short, just wanted to say that Brie has been working pretty hard with the Character Designs.

    Whenever something new pops up we will post it up here. So make sure you follow us or bookmark this page so you can get some new updates!

Kudos everyone!


Sunday, February 13, 2011

2/13/2011 - "If We Build It, They Will Come."

    Hello everyone! Well, everyone as in the very few people who look at this progression Blog. But this is also for everyone including the staff so they know what is going on. Well in my last Blog I stated that I 'usually' don't work on the project on the weekends. Well ideas came pouring out and I needed to jot them down before I forgot them. Turns out, I started working on the project quite a bit this weekend. I can almost easily confirm that the Storyboard is now half way to completion.

    Also, as you probably know, we don't have many people who are looking at the development Blog. But that is quite fine at the moment. As I stated in the title, "If We Build It, They Will Come." Well that is true, with a little sponsoring here and there. But patience is the key to working out with this project. As you probably know, it involves a lot of writing and time. When the Storyboard is complete we have to work on the Script then next. Which will quite possibly take longer than the Storyboard itself.

    Well, since I worked on the project all through the weekend. I am going to take Monday and Tuesday off for the project. We will start back up Wednesday with the Storyboard. And hopefully by the end of the Month, we will have a completed Storyboard to work with for the Script!

    Also, Brie has started working on the Character Designs as well. When the Character Designs are finished we will most-likely post a Blog about the characters or just the designs. So expect something along the lines next month or so with Characters!

    Well, that is all for now for the Blog. Once again, if you are new here and are interested in the Kinetic Novel project, please follow us!

    Kudos everyone!