Sunday, February 13, 2011

2/13/2011 - "If We Build It, They Will Come."

    Hello everyone! Well, everyone as in the very few people who look at this progression Blog. But this is also for everyone including the staff so they know what is going on. Well in my last Blog I stated that I 'usually' don't work on the project on the weekends. Well ideas came pouring out and I needed to jot them down before I forgot them. Turns out, I started working on the project quite a bit this weekend. I can almost easily confirm that the Storyboard is now half way to completion.

    Also, as you probably know, we don't have many people who are looking at the development Blog. But that is quite fine at the moment. As I stated in the title, "If We Build It, They Will Come." Well that is true, with a little sponsoring here and there. But patience is the key to working out with this project. As you probably know, it involves a lot of writing and time. When the Storyboard is complete we have to work on the Script then next. Which will quite possibly take longer than the Storyboard itself.

    Well, since I worked on the project all through the weekend. I am going to take Monday and Tuesday off for the project. We will start back up Wednesday with the Storyboard. And hopefully by the end of the Month, we will have a completed Storyboard to work with for the Script!

    Also, Brie has started working on the Character Designs as well. When the Character Designs are finished we will most-likely post a Blog about the characters or just the designs. So expect something along the lines next month or so with Characters!

    Well, that is all for now for the Blog. Once again, if you are new here and are interested in the Kinetic Novel project, please follow us!

    Kudos everyone!


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