Monday, February 14, 2011

2/14/2011 - "One Eye Sees, The Other Feels."

    Hello everyone again for another update Blog. As you probably know, the writers are on break until Wednesday. But that doesn't mean we have someone who is working hard on the Character Designs. Brie, our Character Design artist, has been working pretty hard on the rough drafts for the Character Designs. Unfortunately, we won't be able to give out information on the character designs until they are done in full form.

    In other news; Chad, our other developer, has come back from vacation. Which puts us in the process to work on the project a lot faster now. Since the Storyboard still has a little more to go before it is at 100% completion, we will be starting the script shortly after this. Chad and Michael will be brainstorming the script shortly after the Storyboard is in completion.

    Well keeping this nice and short, just wanted to say that Brie has been working pretty hard with the Character Designs.

    Whenever something new pops up we will post it up here. So make sure you follow us or bookmark this page so you can get some new updates!

Kudos everyone!


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