Friday, February 11, 2011

2/11/2011 - "A Warm Welcome For The Cunning Few."

Update: February 11th, 2011

    Hello everyone, as I did put up the Blog earlier, I still decided to do an update. As you can see, we have added a "temporary" template for the background. Surely, in the future, we are going to probably redo everything from the background of the Blog and make it more nifty looking.

    Okay, an update about the project. Currently we still stand with no name for the project and we don't expect to have a name for it until we finish the Storyboard. We have written about 1/4th of the story so far, so we intend to work hard to get the Storyboard either finished by later this month or early next month. We mostly work on the project every day, but on weekends we will be taking a break from the project.

    As we stated in the early Blog, this will be a Kinetic Visual Novel. We don't intend to have any type of sexual images in this Visual Novel. However, we been thinking about incorporating possible sexual images in later projects. The project we are working on is a Thriller type Visual Novel. Currently, this is all the information we will be able to provide at the moment. Now don't fret, we been working hard on the project for a while now so we will come back whenever we have an update again. It will be posted in this Blog.
    As for the people working on this project, we decided to post our staff who are working on the Visual Novel. 

  • Directors: Michael Sardina and Chad Karon
  • Writer: Michael Sardina
  • Editors: Michael Sardina and Chad Karon
  • Character Design: Brie
  • Programming: Michael Sardina and Chad Karon
  • Music: Michael Sardina and Anthony Sardina
  • Alpha/Beta Testers: Matthew Testa, Dan French (More will be included in future.) 
    That is it for now everyone! Remember, follow us on this website and come back for more updates!


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